Now is the application store for Android a new version of Firefox, the popular browser for smartphones and mobile devices. It costs nothing to download it. The Mozilla Foundation, developer of the project, says the new software version won an improved support for HTML5 and Flash technology, and was faster than other competitors in this segment.

Users who install the app will probably realize that the design is slightly different from that Mozilla had posted earlier in the Google store. Now the app is more like Firefox for PCs Shares zoom, navigation and application start up have gotten faster. Sync Options Sync service data, such as logins and tabs open, still present in the software, but in a new screen dedicated exclusively for this purpose – the “Awesome Screen” or “photo books” (in translation).

Mozilla also introduced support for Flash, so that the owners of Android phones to interact with interactive features present in several pages. For example, YouTube, the largest video site in the world, employs in displaying Flash content that have not yet been converted to open standards like Web M, created by Google itself.

Who has tested the application until now claims that previous bugs in displaying HTML5 elements no longer occur. In a statement, Mozilla said that the improvement in support to the next generation of Internet language is visible in Firefox 14.