Washing machines have emerged as a great liberating device for the modern human lifestyle, and particularly for women. It has freed members of families from their daily chores of washing clothes by hand in all seasons even if it is bitter cold or sweltering humidity. Long contact with soap/washing powder also had an impact on the hands and skin. The washing machines have played a role in empowering women who are now able to devote their time to other productive works.

The ease provided by the washing machines to men and women in carrying out their routine tasks has made it a compulsory item of every middle class household in India. With the passage of time and development in technologies, the variety of machines has increased and its functionalities became more complex and integrated. For these factors, sometimes it becomes a challenge to choose the appropriate machine.

The decision to buy a machine could be important from the perspectives of requirement, investment of amount, consumption of power, after-sale services, and of course, the average working life of a machine. The purchase may be driven by one main factor or combination of factors. For example, if it is a nuclear family then the family can buy an automatic machine but if it is a joint family then semi-automatic could be more suitable due to its flexibility in washing.

For the first time buyers, it will be useful to talk to their neighbours or friends who own a machine for some time. It will help in choosing suitable machine after understanding own requirements. If I am a buyer I should first know the various functionalities and their differences through washing machines near me, it will definitely help me in making an informed decision. Besides, the after-sale service experience of the users with a brand could be important in making a right choice.

Walking down to a store could also be a good option for the first owners to understand the differences in tasks and performances of different brands and products through the sales executives. If someone is living in Delhi NCR region he/she may go to different washing machine dealers in Noida area or other locations. Many dealers have built their reputation by offering buyer-oriented services. Interaction with them would be useful.

Those who already own a machine and want to go for a fresh purchase may browse the internet to make online purchase according to their evolved requirements. However, the natural question that may arise to one’s mind is whether it is safe to buy washing machine online or should I prefer nearby store. It may be said in response that buying washing machine online could be as safe as making any other similar purchases online. The internet offers a large variety to chose from and sometimes the users get additional benefits in online trading.