In past few decades medium of communication has changed drastically. Before in order to communicate with a person on far land or between long distance was done through writing letters and then posting it. It would take days for your information to reach to the person for which it was sent. After this came telegram which was an electronic device but needed a special operator who can operate it. After that telephones were invented and people could easily communicate from there home. But in order to develop the technology more, mobile phones were invented. They came with feature of being wireless i.e. you can travel with them or can take them with you at places where there was network available.

What is mobile app development?

After furthermore development and the advent of technology, mobile phones not only came with the generic features of like making a call or texting someone but also with additional features like clicking pictures, watching videos, listening to music, accessing the internet and many more. All this was made possible by the various application available on the mobile phones. Because of these apps, mobile app development became a big market. There are various operating systems available on different platforms or on different mobile phones.

There are approximately more than 19 billion software developers who are working in this mobile app development market all across the globe. Because of the population, developing countries like India and China have become the largest market for both mobile app users and mobile app developer. These apps have become a bliss for smaller businesses who wants to increase their market reach and also intent to increase their customer base. There are various different platforms available on which different apps work. Earlier java was the main operating system used in mobile phones then came Symbian which was introduced by Nokia.

Need of mobile app development-

These days mobile phones have become smart phones because of the availability of internet on it. Today you can make transactions through your smart mobile phone and you can manage your entire bank account through it and not only this you can do online shopping through various apps of various ecommerce companies. One of the major operating system that has contributed in making your mobile phone smart is android. Today maximum number of developers are working on android mobile app development. This is because android is one platform which is being used by maximum mobile phone manufacturers in their mobile phones. It is one of the easiest to use and most flexible operating system for mobile phones.

Mobile app development is done by the developers who have the knowledge of various programming languages. There are various programming languages available such as java, C++, kotlin and many more. These different languages are used on the basis of different platforms for which these different applications are developed. Android mobile app development is not an easy task. There are various factors that you need to keep in mind before developing a specific application such as screen sizes array, hardware specifications and mobile configuration.