Kaolin clay may occur in abundance in Kaolinite, a clay mineral that has a chemical formula, Al2Si2O5. Also known as white clay or China clay, Kaolin Clay has specific unique properties, including physical and chemical properties, which makes it immensely useful in industries including paper, cosmetics, construction rubber, plastics, packaging, and industrial coatings among others.

Good quality kaolin has a fine particle-size, natural whiteness, is non-abrasive, and is chemically stable. Kaolin costs less than Titanium Oxide and offers properties like “extension” that make it more economical to be used in paints and coatings. Other benefits of Kaolin for the paint industry include scrub resistance, better pigment suspension, resistance to stains and scrubs, and better tint and opacity strength. 

While the benefits are immense, it is also essential to choose the right and best Kaolin manufacturer and supplier for your procurement process. Below are some steps and tips that will help you choose the right calcined kaolin clay supplier or manufacturer for your home paint business.

Obtaining Preliminary Information

It is essential to search the available sources to obtain information. You can talk to your friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances to know whether they know any chemical manufacturer. You can also visit the local market of chemicals, and ask the distributors and retailers of chemicals and Kaolin to provide some useful information. Online search is also a readily available option. You can use a smartphone or a laptop, among other devices, and make a search on search engines including Google and Bing. Online business directories like India Mart may have some useful information for you. There are also newspapers and magazines, which may list chemical manufactures in their classified section.

Preliminary Interactions

Once you have the names of a few manufacturers of Kaolin clay, you can try to know more about their reputation and standing. The prominent chemical manufacturers and suppliers in India are ISO certified, and are also listed in ICIS (Independent Commodity Intelligence Services)’s “Best World Chemical Supplier List.” This information can also be obtained online, and by making calls, while you can always make personal visits. Also, ask the manufacturer/supplier to provide the names and contact addresses of some of its existing clients in the paint industry. You can then contact these clients to know how satisfied they were with the offering and allied services.

Sample Checks

You can contact the best and most credible of Kaolin Clay manufacturers and suppliers and ask them for samples of the substance. Sample testing will ensure that you do not make losses later, the quality of your paints is not hampered, and your machinery is also safe. High-quality Kaolin will have a faded yellow tint and will be low in iron. It is inert chemically, and excellent samples will carry the highest percentage of Kaolin. The best of suppliers will provide you the chemical along with a Quality Assurance report, and you can be sure of the quality of the material when you deal with a reputed and certified supplier.  

Price Quotes

After testing the samples form a few manufactures and providers, you can ask the best ones (offering you high-quality samples) for price quotes. A comparison of the price quotes will help you save costs both in the short and long run. You can deal with a manufacturer/supplier that offers you kaolin clay of good quality, and which is also priced favorably for you. While you should not choose chemicals of low quality, there is no point in wasting money by purchasing supplies of the highest quality that are not needed for your products.

When it comes to the procurement of chemicals, it is essential to evaluate other aspects of supply as well. For instance, Kaolin clay should be packaged well, and the supply should be prompt and timely. Good quality Kaolin will increase the strength of the paint, adjust its viscosity to the maximum limits, and will make the paint more resilient to abrasion. It will also toughen the coating, will reinforce the application and control the gloss.