Smartphones have made our life easier in many ways. Smartphones have features like powerful processors, wireless internet connectivity, mobile applications, camera and so forth which have been instrumental in making lives easier for people. Smart phones are not only for grownups and professionals; they are useful for kids, teenagers, business owners, busy moms, working class people and everyone else.

Smartphone technology

Internet Connectivity 24/7 Everywhere

The main reason that smart phones have become popular is because of the wireless connectivity to the internet and the availability of the applications. This has become possible due to technological advancements in wireless technology and handsets.

App developers have developed mobile phone applications that are helpful for day to day activities such as commuting, finding recipes, monitor health, plan travel, prepare grocery lists etc. This helps immensely in making lives easier for people. There are some fabulous to-do apps that help in planning your day or even week. They allow you to make a to-do list which you can refer to anytime and check the tasks you finished.

Smartphone Applications

Smartphones have applications which can be used for security purposes. Whenever there is a breach of security at home, a live video feed of one’s house can be seen on smartphones. People get updates about the latest happenings in their area and updates about news and weather all around the world on their smartphones.

There are various fitness related applications that give tips and ways count calories, watch their weight, monitor BP or sugar and stay fit. People who don’t have time to hit the gym will find such apps useful. For people who love gaming, smartphones support a wide range of both online and offline high quality games.

Smartphone technology

Working people may edit important documents on their phones, when they are in a hurry and don’t have access to a PC. A smartphone helps them in carrying out their banking transactions or business transactions. People dealing in stock markets can buy and sell shares easily by downloading an application on their smartphones. Stock market apps provide real time quotes, up-to-date stock details, charts and company details, and access to international stock markets.


Smartphones are helpful in improving and simplifying our night life and social life. They help in discovering places in or around the city where people can hang out together. They also help in checking availability and making reservations at hotels, restaurants and theatres. There are applications for social networking. Now updating status or sharing pictures and videos have become immensely convenient and can be done instantly. There are people who maintain their blog. They can update their blog while they are on the move and respond to various comments they receive.

As e-Readers

Smartphones are useful for educational purposes. They help to search different educational resources while doing homework. Now almost every book has a eBook version available. As a result, people can carry thousands of books on their phones while on the go. There are various education apps which allow students to take mock tests and help them in preparing for their examinations.

In Summary

With the innovations in technology, the influence of smartphones will keep on increasing in our daily lives. Whenever we face a problem, a smartphone would be handy to help us finding a solution.

About The Author: Phil Turner has an ancient Orange phone that only does calls and texts. It suits him fine.