Wise buying has always been in-vogue from time immemorial, but other considerations such as carbon footprints are fairly recent when it comes to buying considerations. The motto for discerning shoppers today is, ‘save your wallet and the environment!’, and there is no better way to start acting responsibly than buying efficient home appliances. Refrigerator design took a giant leap ever since the agreement between the US, China and India in 2015 to lower the use of ozone depleting HFCs. Energy Star is the mark of cutting edge consumer products that are manufactured according to latest innovations and deliver unmatched energy efficiency.   Aldahome Appliances, a refrigerator dealer serving Delhi and Noida, gives you amazing deals on a range of refrigerators that meet different energy star ratings and budgets. Here is a sneak peek at what constitutes an energy efficient refrigerator and some options that you can grab today.

Why energy efficiency matters

Apart from environmental concerns, unchecked energy usage drains the finances of most home owners and even businesses by way of bills. When to it comes to households, the refrigerator’s typical energy consumption is roughly 13.7 percent of your total energy bill. This makes it worthwhile to explore avenues to bring down your energy bill, and in the process, lower your carbon footprint. That is why energy efficient and cost effective refrigerators are popular among discerning consumers.

Where does the energy go?

The vast amount of energy consumed by a refrigerator serves to drive heat out of the cabinet. The rest goes towards defrosting, keeping away sweat, and illumination. Refrigerator efficiency is derived from the energy used as per given size and is expressed in terms of volume cooled per unit electric energy per day. Power is measured in kilowatt hours whereas volume is in cubic feet.

What are the most efficient refrigerators?

5 Start Rating

The highest efficiency Energy Star rating  is 5 Stars. There are a number of refrigerators that fall in this category, inclusing the Samsung RR20R182XU8/Hl and Godrej R D EPro 225 TDI 5.2 PRL PRP. The Samsung has a capacity of 192 litersand is powered by the latest Digital inverter Technology for pinpoint cooling adjustments. Its also stabilizer-free making it immune to fluctuations in voltage.  Aldahome has a range of othe makes and models that meet the Energy Star 5 Star Rating.

4 Star Rating

The next best rating when it comes to efficiency is 4 stars. Some of the options that deserve your consideration in this category include the LG GL-B201APOX and its sibling, the LG GL-B241APDX. The latter, just like a host of other options, features a myriad of cutting edge inventions designed to lower energy and running costs. These include a smart invertor compressor, smart connect technology as well as being stabilizer-free.

Last Word

Refrigerators with a top or bottom cooler are the most efficient. Getting a refrigerator with a mini door for access to frequently used items is an added advantage as it helps preserve the temperature in the main cabin, thereby reducing energy consumption. You may also want consider models with an energy saver switch depending on your budget and other considerations. Browse through available deals at Aldahome today and bag some of the most efficient refrigerators on the market today!