Font is an important part of any kind of graphic design. It relays a visual message and helps you establish your corporate identity in the market. However, majority of graphic designers always try to play safe and use the same fonts in different designs. No matter how many times you ask them to experiment with font styles, they will stick to the same fonts for years. Search internet for sample brochure, business card or logo design and you will understand the situation.

Here is a list of 10 overly used fonts. Graphic designers should avoid these fonts to give their designs a new look and feel.

1. Times New Roman– It’s the default font of MS Word and newspapers mostly use it. You can see Times New Roman in websites as well. Though, it’s an overly used font, it will probably remain popular in coming years as well.

2. Copperplate– It is not a very common font style like Arial or Times New Roman, but you can find this font in some popular logo designs.

3. Bank Gothic– Bank Gothic and Copperplate looks almost the same and it’s another overused font.

4. Arial/Helvetica– What is called Arial in PC is named as Helvetica in Mac. Some designers are tired of Times New Roman and use this font in their designs. Unfortunately, this is another popular font in MS Word and hugely used in
publication houses. Hence, you should try experimenting with Myriad, instead of Arial, to please the web users.

5. Garamond– Graphic designers use Garamond for brochure design, web layout design and logo design. It’s a good replacement for Arial and Times New Roman, but try not to use it in every design.

6. Brush Script– Take a look at NBA teams’ logos and you will understand why this font is included in this list. Basketball teams love Brush Script font and use it in their logo designs.

7. Impact– Impact is mostly found on posters, logos and billboards. It’s a bold, but narrow font. If you want to use a bold font in your client’s logo design, then look for something else.

8. Papyrus– Newbie graphic designers love this stylish font. Papyrus may look artistic, but it offers poor readability. Mostly churches and Christian societies use this font for their corporate identity design.

9. Comic Sans– Whenever you think about something funny, this font comes to your mind. From party invitation to children’s website design, Comic Sans is everywhere.

10. Courier– Courier is one of the oldest fonts in Web and it’s even used in DOS. This extremely popular and overused font offers fixed width letters. That means if you write the “coin”, “i” will take as much width as “c”, “o” and “n”.

Companies like “Facebook” and “Google” have used unique fonts in their logo and gained tremendous popularity. As a graphic designer, you should always search for something new to create unique graphic designs. If you are searching for uncommon fonts, then visit graphic designing blogs and download unique fonts for free.

About Author:  While designing, think what makes your design special than other. Fonts and colors are important parts of graphic design. Here, the author of this article has offered some guidelines that every graphic designer should keep in mind while using fonts for graphics.