Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals. It is available as bauxite ore, and over recent years, its use in the construction of any type from aeroplanes to homes has increased exponentially. It is the popularity of the metal that has seen prices regularly rise even though production has kept pace with the demand.

But why are aluminium windows and other fittings so popular among homeowners? Let us take a look.

  1. They Resist Rust

Unlike iron, steel, and copper, aluminium windows do not rust at all. You can expose them to heat, humidity, and moisture from the sea, but they would stay the same year after year. It is because aluminium windows are covered with a thin layer of oxide that forms naturally and seals the metal inside.

Even acid rain would not have any impact due to its rather inert nature of the wooden doors and windows expanding and contracting. Steel frames rust and form bubbles underneath the paint. Low quality PVC may cracks open after some time due to changes in temperature. No matter what you throw at it, your aluminium windows will look beautiful for years.

  1. Can Be Bent Easily

Aluminium can be bent easily. It can also be extruded into a new shape with much less pressure than required by steel. Due to the malleable nature, aluminium makes it is easy to manufacture metal fittings.

Aluminium windows are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit the room and purpose. For large buildings that wish to have a unique look, manufacturers would create customised doors and windows by modifying their tools. At the same time, they do not break, and there is no fear of cracks and splits in a newly installed door or window frame.

  1. Environment-Friendly

The mining of ore is expensive. It also has an energy cost that is required to change the metal to a finished product.

Since steel rusts, it is not recyclable easily. Aluminium can be recycled as many times as needed. It also stays pure regardless of how many times it has been melted and moulded.

The shift from steel to aluminium is environment-friendly. Not to mention that cutting down trees for new doors and windows adds to the global warming crisis.

  1. It Is Easy To Paint

Aluminium can get anodised, a process of painting by dipping it in an electrically charged solution. This type of paint is much more durable than spray paint used for wood and steel.

Anodised paint is evenly applied and looks natural. Before the application of the colour, aluminium door and window frames are treated with sealants that prevent moisture forever. Thus it is a rustproof, moisture-proof, and stable paint job.


Bespoke aluminium doors and windows are a beautiful touch to any home. They can even be oversized to allow more natural light.

Since it is firm and has high tensile strength, you can replace a part of the wall or one side of the house with colossal aluminium windows.

With so many advantages, it is no wonder that nearly every homeowner has chosen to use aluminium doors and windows.