Cancer is a disease that can be treated with combinations of medications and therapies. The treatment varies from person to person depending upon their stage and physical condition. 

Several key factors determine the type of treatments one requires. The diagnosis procedure is also varied and is only conducted by expert medical practitioners who are specialized to handle cancer patients. 

With the help of the test reports, the oncologist chooses the best treatment for the patient. 

So let’s talk about the various cancer treatments in India.

Types Of Cancer Treatment

Radiation Therapy

This is a non-invasive therapy and one of the most advanced forms of therapies for cancer patients. Almost 50% of cancer patients require radiation therapy as it is the most effective one. The best part is it is the least traumatic. 

This therapy may also continue with surgery or chemotherapy. With the help of advanced technology radiation therapy is more effective now and is safe too.


This is the most common therapy done to cancer patients. Oncologists who are specifically trained for chemotherapy provide this treatment to the patients. They can also manage the pain and side-effects post-chemo. 

Chemotherapies can be of normal and high dose depending upon the patient’s condition. It also includes various additional therapies which are nutritional therapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, blood transfusion and terminal supportive care. 


This is a type of treatment in which the immunity of the patients fights cancer. This is also known as biological therapy. This treatment may or may not work depending upon the cancer stage and the patient’s cancer type. 

Palliative Care

This is done when any treatment is not possible or does not work on a patient. This care is given until the end of the patient’s life to make the patient feel positive about their life even when there is no cure. 

This includes psychological support from the patient’s caregivers, family and friends. This treatment starts when all sorts of cancer treatments are stopped and the stage is critical. 

Post-chemo and post-radiation palliative care starts. Only a specially trained team of palliative caregivers can provide this service.

Stem Cell Transplant

Bone marrow or stem cell transplant is done when the patient’s bone marrow is damaged due to cancer. Since the bone marrow creates blood cells, the best way to restore it is by transplantation. 

This cancer treatment in India is the best way to stop the growth of cancer cells and get new stem cells. 

Where To Do Cancer Treatments?

Many recognized hospitals are there in India where advanced cancer treatments are done successfully. You may find the names of the top cancer hospitals and learn about their services from the official websites. 

Also, make sure you read the previous patient’s testimonials to understand the success rate and the quality of services provided by a particular hospital. 

Cancer is a medical condition that does not have any permanent cure. But scientists are still hoping to find an ultimate cure in the future. The treatment and medications available will just help one to survive longer and lead a better life.