Diabetes is often called the silent killer because you would not even get to know that when it slips up on you. It may have no symptoms at first but once you get it, you would need enduring management of drugs.

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease in which sugar does not get absorbed properly in the body. This connotes that the blood sugar level continues to be high, jeopardizing the normal day to day functioning of the body.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes- In this condition patient’s body does not produce insulin at all. The sufferer may need to take insulin supplements for the rest of their life, in order to properly metabolize sugar in the body. This is a rare and genetic condition.

Type 2 Diabetes- In this condition, the insulin product is impaired and there is not enough insulin in the body for metabolizing sugars properly. This leads to very high blood sugar level and eventually starts showing symptoms of diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes- This is a medical condition for pregnant women. Several women’s bodies may not be able to produce the required amount of insulin at the time of pregnancy and therefore they have an excess level of sugar in their bloodstream. This type of diabetes may be harmful to both the mother and the baby.

According to WHO, in the year 2015, approximately 1.6 million around deaths occurred, due to diabetes alone, 2.2 million deaths due to the high glucose level in 2012.

Symptoms of Diabetes are:

  • Sudden weight loss
  • Blurry vision
  • Skin infections
  • Burning of palms and soles
  • Increase in hunger
  • Excessive thirst
  • Wounds that take time to heal
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Excessive urination

Treatment of Diabetes

For ayurvedic treatment, the first step is usually changing diet and lifestyle. Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle is a must. Add herbs like turmeric, bitter gourd, gurmar leaves, bael, fenugreek, etc to your diet, for sure short long-term results.

Ayurvedic medicines” for diabetics:

  1. Amla- Take a glass of Amla (Indian gooseberry) juice twice a day which helps in lowering the blood sugar level. If you want you can also have the fruit in raw form.

Amla is enriched with vitamin C, the antioxidant property makes it beneficial. It contains chromium which makes the body respond to the insulin and keep it at healthy levels. Besides, Amla also include minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, and iron that assist in the absorption of insulin leading to a drop-in blood sugar level.

  1. Triphala- Take a glass of Triphala juice or 2 tbsp of its powder every day for effective control of diabetes.

It is a natural immunity booster and digestive aid. It is known to cure diseases which are incurable with medicinal treatments.

  1. Cinnamon Powder- Add 3-4 tbsp powder to water. Heat it over low flame for approximately 20 minutes. Strain the mixture and let it cool. Drink it daily for best results.

Raw cinnamon helps in lowering the blood sugar level and fight diabetes. It slows the effect of insulin in the blood and increases glucose transport into cells. There are numerous more home remedies which can be followed.

Follow Ayurveda and switch to a healthy life that is diabetes free.