It is extremely important to put your child in the best school as everything is dependent on from the time when children start their formal education. It is necessary to select the best education board for children in their initial years of academic learning, as it defines their overall development. The Indian education system facilitates education plans that fall under different State boards, 

  • Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE) 
  • Indian Certificate for Secondary Education (ICSE)
  • State Board and 
  • International Baccalaureate

However, CBSE is the most preferred board of education in India.

What is CBSE?

It is a national and international educational board that is adopted by 200 International schools across 25 countries. At Present the CBSE Board has affiliated with more than 20,000 Schools in India and other countries like the Middle East, Far East, Europe and the USA.

CBSE curriculum is known for its equal focus on academics as well as co-curricular activities that have the potential of enhancing student’s skill sets. The CBSE schools provide ample scopes for physical, intellectual and social development. 

Why CBSE Academy?

  • CBSE curriculum is student-oriented which prepares them for the competitive examinations at the Indian and International Level. 
  • Parents who are in transferable jobs nationally or internationally can take advantage to get their child admitted to any CBSE School due to the similar curriculum.
  • CBSE students have an advantage over others in competitive examinations such as IIT, IIM, Bits Pilani, Medicine, Engineering colleges as their curriculums are quite similar.

CBSE Curriculum

  • The CBSE curriculum allows students to not just develop theoretical knowledge but helps to polish their inherent talent and develop real-life skills so that they shine in walks of life.
  • It is the only curriculum in the country that connects classroom learning with the outside world, promoting active learning among students.
  • It primarily focuses on building 21st-century skills (Artificial Intelligence, Media Studies, Communication)among students. 
  • CBSE Board is also known to be the primary board that makes children professionally ready. 
  • CBSE encourages collaborative learning which develops social skills. 

GIIS Noida International School

  1. With access to all these holistic learning and state-of-the-art infrastructure, GIIS is Ranked as No.1 Noida International School. It is the most renowned CBSE Academy in Noida. 
  2. Noida Campus offers a CBSE programme for students from Class 1 onwards. The programme emphasises academic excellence through innovative learning methodologies which are student-friendly and student-centric. Students develop the ability to apply knowledge effectively in a variety of contexts and engage in higher-level reasoning skills.
  3. GIIS Noida Curriculum includes academics along with the activities like Entrepreneurship boot camps, workshops, conferences and community service activities which prepare them for leadership roles along with imbibing values, ethics and discipline.
  4. GIIS Noida International School integrates all areas of learning thus providing students opportunities to think critically, identify opportunities, challenge their potential and be open to new ideas. 
  5. The Teachers of GIIS Noida are learner-centric who make generous use of resources to make the children understand the curriculum.
  6. As compared to other International Schools, GIIS has affordable fees and the results are consistently outstanding, with students scoring excellent grades in both Class 10 and Class 12 Board Examinations in GIIS campuses globally.

Why GIIS Noida?

GIIS Noida campus has recently garnered the Top position in the Innovators category in the prestigious Times School Survey 2020. 

During the lockdown, the school was ready to leverage its robust digital infrastructure to conduct virtual classrooms to ensure the students’ learning is not affected. They are ready for the future challenges with an extensive library of high-quality digital content applications, exam portal, teacher and parents communication portal which enables uninterrupted teaching-learning sessions.

The faculties and the teachers of GIIS keep themselves abreast with the global trends in education. The “new normal” of education is normal at GIIS Noida, enabling them to stay ahead of the online learning curve.

If you have a young one for whom you are searching The Best International CBSE school, you must consider GIIS Noida for the various advantages and overall growth of your child. Get in touch today or fill the enquiry form and get your queries solved.


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