Engineering as a discipline has undergone tremendous advancement and has branched out in various specialised fields that are still progressing by leaps and bounds. Though a major number of these new streams are linked to some basic engineering subjects like computer, electronics, mechanical and electronics, a unique stream that is slowly gaining popularity among the students includes marine engineering.

Though many are still into the basic engineering disciplines, a large number of candidates are opting for marine engineering owing to its bright career prospects. The craze among the students to go for marine engineering is also due to the increasing emergence of marine colleges in India. 

Marine Engineering

What is Marine Engineering?

Though from the present scenario one can guess that many are acquainted with the subject, there are also students who are still not sure about their career choice. So, before we enlighten you about the career prospects, you need to know what the subject revolves in. 

Marine engineering is the study of innovation, design, development, production and maintenance of the various kinds of equipment that are used in the oceans and on board sea vessels such as ships and boats. The subject primarily focuses on the production and development of the internal systems associated with the seagoing vessels. However, the candidates will also find a combination of engineering disciplines like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and control designs while studying marine engineering. Being a vast stream of engineering, this subject also includes naval architecture, nautical science and oceanographic engineering. 

In order to become a marine engineer, the candidate has to have a BTech in marine engineering. And, owing to a large number of BTech marine engineering colleges in India, it does not seem a tedious task any more. 

Career Prospects of Marine Engineering

One can easily guess from the popularity of the subject among the candidates that the career prospects associated with marine engineering are quite huge. A candidate after graduating from BTech engineering colleges in India can either opt for jobs in the government sector or private sectors. However, it is seen that most of the candidates enter the government sphere after passing out from marine colleges in India. 

Some of the best career options available to marine engineers are:

Defence Sector Jobs

The candidates graduating from BTech engineering colleges in India have a wide scope to have a career in Indian Navy Force. The marine engineering hones and sharpens the skills of the individual to help them have an underwater career. Moreover, being physically trained adds to the perks associated with the defence sector jobs. 

Although having a job in the defence associates a lot of responsibility, the government offers the best salary packages to the employees. Moreover, you also get to have a trip across the globe. 

Government Jobs other than Defence Sector

Department such as shipping, export-import generates a large number of vacancy for marine engineers. One can start their careers in these government sector departments with a decent salary package. 

With the tremendous rise in the shipping industry of the government, one can also understand the huge career scope it may create. The career scopes of marine engineering will also keep on increasing with the rise in the cruise-based business in the country.  

Private Sector Jobs

Graduating from the marine colleges in India can fetch the candidates great jobs in the private sectors as well. Other than the shipping industry, top petroleum companies offer jobs to marine engineers. 

Marine engineering is a discipline that helps one build a rewarding career. Although the jobs involve risk and sacrifices, one can consider overcoming these with great future prospects. Moreover, with the rise in the cruise companies and shipping industries both in the government and private sectors, one can only expect the career scopes of marine engineers to increase.