With its seashores of fine sand, it’s Kasbahs, its boundlessmajestic cities, its souks with oriental colognes and its mounds coiled in its huge desert, Morocco is the emblem of the east and the thousand and one nights. With its shimmering colors and crazy charms, it will seduce the most demanding of you. It is for this reason that Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in Morocco.

  1. Most beautiful cities in the north

The north of Morocco (like the regions of and Tetouan for example) is considered a true tourist pole. Numerous cities are thrilled every season, to welcome its visitors in the most pleasurable way: – Tangier: it is the only city that get hitched the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, to bid you a swim “in two places, at the same time “. It is a correct fabulous city that appeals a large number of artists, writers, and travelers of all kinds every year, as it is full of antique treasures, with a gorgeous history and rich heritage behind. With its Medina and its Kasbah, it guarantees a change of scenery that is not found anywhere else

  1. Most beautiful cities in the south


The village of Aït-Benhaddouhas located 30 km from Ouarzazate (coming from Marrakech), it is a corner that offers a spectacle of sublime rock strata. And, of all the Moroccan south, it is considered as one of the most preserved ksour, it is also inscribed on the World Heritage of UNESCO (1987). Anoil painting of thin streets and small tracks slips elatedly between the houses of land, stunning, traditional and delicate. This place has had great moments of cinema because several shots of films recognized here and elsewhere have found refuge in the sublime decorations of the village. (As Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator).

  1. More beautiful seaside towns

The Moroccan seashore is recognized for its thousand faces: gorgeous beaches, luxurious towns, great ports, glorious seaside resorts and widespread deserts … but the seaside towns are the wealth of the kingdom, such as – Agadir, with its 6 kilometers Coastline and radiant sun, which mark the region a picture-perfect destination for rest and relaxation, to difference the set of the great Moroccan desert with Virikson Morocco Holidays.

4.       More beautiful cities of the Moroccan desert

It is necessary to know to appreciate the absolute disorientation to be able to appreciate its escapade in Morocco. Sometimes the culture shock can be impressive. Very different from the Western way of life, it is simply all that is sought to move us away from our ordinary daily life. The Moroccan desert is worth a visit … In the heart of the imperial cities, you will find rich palaces, Medina and mosques, you will discover the history of a people and its authentic way of life.

  1. Most beautiful tourist cities

A small number of kilometers from Europe, the kingdom of Morocco has more than one trick in its bag to confirm your variation of scenery, with its animated souks, its cheerful colors and the strong smell of its spices, from the top of the minarets of its magnificent mosques, In the depths of its pretty seaside villages, from the peaks of the High Atlas, to the infinite desert of the Sahara. Morocco is characterized by a double coastline, on the Atlantic Ocean on one side and on the Mediterranean Sea on the other, by its borders with Western Sahara to the south, Algeria to the east and Spanish territories of the North of Ceuta and Melilla on the coast to the north. Morocco’s unmissable cities: Casablanca is the “flagship” city of Morocco, it attracts tourists who come to see its great Hassan II mosque, which is simply the second largest mosque in the world. Culture itinerary.

Fez and its medina full of medersas; The city of Rabat and its magnificent tower, what rests of the mosque of Prince AlmohadYacoub el-Mansour; The city of Meknes, the capital of Moulay Ismael who was one of the most famous Alawite kings (dynasty still reigning over Morocco); The city of Marrakech and its famous patrimony, the Koutoubia, the place Jemaa el Fna, the Menara … etc. Visit of the Moroccan south (departure from Ouarzazate): the valley of the Dades, with the wild scenery of the Atlas and its Kasbahs, magnificent fortified citadels testify to Berber art rich and still alive; The valley of Drâa and its ksours, fortified villages authentic: that sites dedicated to cultural excursions.

Fes is a very specific city in next of kin to its history, monuments, faculty and tanneries. When visiting Morocco, do not miss to visit this beautiful royal city. When you arrive near the tanneries, the merchants offer mint and it is better to take it. Indeed, the smell is so pestilential because of the skins of beasts that it is better to make a ball of this fresh mint and put it in the nose. Thus, one can come and go at his will without being too inconvenienced. It is also the oldest Medina in the Arab world in the Maghreb.

  1. Meknes

Meknes is also one of the most beautiful imperial cities of Morocco. Its fortifications are extraordinary. It has an impressive number of palaces, fountains, gardens, mosques, etc. Shaped by the sultan MoulayIsmaël contemporary of Louis XIV, this city is a splendor of the architecture of the Maghreb.

Marrakech and Rabat are also among the most beautiful cities in Morocco. Everyone knows Marrakech and its place Jemma el Fna but the city is also home to the Saadian tombs of princes and princesses who lived in the great era of the country. The ramparts of the medina of Marrakech are 14 km long. Rabat is also worth a visit in cheap morocco holidays. Although this city is more modern than the other imperial cities, it is a center full of priceless treasures. Rabat is world famous for being the capital of Morocco but even more for its famous Tour Hassan II.