Canvas prints can boost up the atmosphere and ambiance of a home, invoking a new look as well as a point of conversation when having people over. Canvas prints have become increasingly popular in the last few years, mostly because of their originality and uniqueness; custom prints can easily establish both the artist as well as the individual who will be hanging the portrait in their home.

 Ideas for canvas prints

What makes canvas prints so unique and popular? The increasing advantages of technology have made the creation of canvas prints not only has gotten easier, but less expensive. But what exactly is a canvas print? In simple terms, a print is transferred to canvas; in a more complex explanation is that, at least for personalized canvas prints, photographs are transferred to canvas by use of high tech printing.

There are several different advantages of having canvas prints – the obvious reason is for decoration purposes, which allow for a more personalized and individualistic feature; because of the available sizing, homeowners and renters can have large centerpieces for their living rooms or dining rooms or small pieces that adorn a mantel piece.

Here are six great ideas for using canvas prints in your home.

1. Lyrics or Quotes

Music moves the world, as they say, and that can be true of memorable quotes as well. If a song lyric or a quote moves you, why not use canvas prints to make that statement a reality? When you leave for the day, place an inspirational quote on a canvas print on your way out the door or put one in the living room or dining room for others to see. Musicians can even use canvas prints to display their favorite musical passage.

2. The Family Tree

With the way our lives move through technology, now is a great time to get those old photos together in order to make the perfect family tree. And why not share that history with those that come to visit? Using canvas prints, you can turn family photos into a family tree style homage to your parents, siblings, spouse, and children.

3. The Story of Us

To go along with the concept of the family tree, why not start it with the story of how your family came together? Use canvas prints to showcase that first date to the first time you realized you were in love, all leading up to your wedding day, the birth of your first child, and where you all are today. This concept can easily lead into the family tree concept above.

4. Personalize Your Room

The great thing about canvas prints is that there is a host of different ways to personalize each painting. They are the perfect way to personalize a bedroom, for boys and girls and from kids to adults. Make your child’s room their own or make that dorm room a unique one by using prints to state your name or even your interests. Canvas prints are great in creating a room that can be full of color and a style of your own.

5. Make Your Pet the Star

For many people, pets aren’t just the furry creature that likes to snuggle with us, they are members of our families. And as members of the family, use canvas prints to showcase how much they mean to you. This can also be a great way to immortalize a pet who may have passed on, but will never be forgotten.

6. Announcing Baby

New parents of course want to make a room for their child to be relaxed in and a room that will hopefully grow with them. Canvas prints are a perfect way to stylizing a baby’s room, either will pictures of mommy and daddy, ideas on a theme, or even their name up on the wall.

The benefits of having canvas prints are numerous, from simple and enjoyable decoration to that of personalized gifts that can be given as presents or for that special occasion. Not only that, canvas prints are also extremely inexpensive to that of getting a famous work of art, not to mention that the sky is wide open to the customization and unique of not only the picture, but that of the framing of it.

 published this on behalf of Fotoviva who are a leading specialist of canvas prints in the UK. If you’re looking for ideas for artwork in your home or office, check out Fotoviva’s gallery of art canvas for inspiration.