Designing a logo is much more complex than you may think.  With modern design software becoming more and more accessible to the average person, many people make the mistake of thinking they can design their own logo without the help of a design professional.

Your Company LogoDesigning a logo should not be taken lightly. The perfect logo will be with your brand as long as it exists. You do not want to have to redesign your logo because it will serve as one of your strongest tools on the journey to creating brand recognition. The McDonalds Corporation provides the perfect example of what a logo should be, a timeless image that is simple, communicates the image of the brand, and can be easily displayed across all types of media without losing its impact. The best way to ensure your company’s logo design will be successful from the beginning is to hire a professional designer and educate yourself about the basic dos and don’ts of logo design. Check for these design mistakes as you review the designs you are considering for your logo, they will help you narrow your choices and make an informed decision.

Be Unique

Many companies often make the mistake of emulating other company’s logos in their own design. To be truly successful in the long term, you must not only create a product that is unique but also have an image for your brand that will not be confused with another product. Glomming on to another company’s success may seem like a good idea but it could ultimately lead to costly infringement law suits and negative press for your brand.

Color Is Important

Color is very impactful. Color can make people feel differently and is an immediate way to communicate what your brand is about. A colorful logo can be eye catching and give people another visual link to your brand. However, you will want to be careful not to rely solely on color for the success of your logo design. There are many occasions you may not have the opportunity to display your logo in full color and you want the graphic layout of the design to be strong even with the absents of color.

Remember The Size

When you are reviewing possible logo designs, make sure you take the time to view all of your options on different media and at all different sizes. Remember, what looks great full size on a computer screen can get lost when it is printed on the corner of a business card. Request that any potential design be submitted both as a digital file and printed image in at least three different sizes to ensure the logo you choose will work across all your branded materials.

Avoid trendy images, and make sure that your logo truly represents your brand. The perfect logo for a bargain grocery store will have entirely different design elements than a high end clothing designer. Many business owners make the mistake of choosing a design trend or an image they think looks cool. What they end up with is a logo that looks dated a few years down the road and never accurately appealed to their customer base.

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