Developing a website is a strenuous task. Every website should perform excellently and give an incredible user experience. Developing an enterprise website is a complicated and laborious process and at the same time developing an ecommerce site has its own challenges. As users are landing on the ecommerce site to learn about the product prior to making a purchase, it is crucial for a developer to make the site easy to navigate with intuitive design. Few of the factors that developers need to keep in mind while starting the development process include

Responsive design

Customers are accessing the eCommerce site from their mobiles. Just because your site is not responsive, you should lose a loyal customer for your business. As per statistics, many eCommerce sales are done through mobile. Therefore, you need to make sure to design the site that is mobile friendly besides providing you with the best experience irrespective of device you are using. Responsive design lets you to access the eCommerce site on every device. There are many CMS platforms available. The Website Design and Development Company will use the CMS platform that meets your industry requirements. No matter whatsoever platform you are using, you need to make sure that it works on mobiles and let them easy to navigate and checkout.

Support guest checkouts: Every ecommerce site prompts the customers to create an account for easy communication, suggest products in the future, and track customer demographic information to accurately analyze the sales from the respective location and age group. However, not every customer would like to go through the process of creating an account with an ecommerce site. Reprising customers would like to create an account to reap the benefits offered by the site such as getting notifications about the upcoming arrivals, saving products to buy in the future, etc. It is recommended to provide an option for the people who would like to purchase only once.

Site search is crucial: As per the statistics, around 30% of customers would use search option to find the products they are looking for on the site. Therefore, it is crucial for you to add a search functionality to let users to search for their desired products with ease. You can also use auto complete feature to let customers find popular and other products related to their search. There is another advanced search which lets you to filter the products based on price range, size, department and manufacturer. This functionality lets users to find the product of what they need and let them to find what exactly they are looking for.

Security is important: Every commerce site should use SSL encryption to encrypt the customers’ confidential information and keep it highly secure from hackers. Customers believe that their confidential information such as debit or credit card details and other personal information to be safe and secure while performing transactions online, so implementing SSL are crucial to keep the trust of the customers.

Improve site performance: The website which loads slowly will have high bounce rates. You need to keep the page loading time less to retain the customers.