Photoshop gives one the best options in creating designs. It is the best medium for working with images and graphics. While you may design your web store on this format, to make it work on the internet you need it to have a web format. In building up a web store a PSD to Magento conversion gives you the best edge.

Achieving this conversion may be slightly complex, but there are several PSD to Magento conversion tutorials on the net to help you achieve this. You can also opt for reliable PSD to Magento services. Contrary to what many people believe, this is not an expensive option. You can choose from a host of professional firms and freelance developers. Outsourcing is also a smarter option when resources are scarce or time is short.

Ps to Magento

Magento offers some clear advantages.

  • SEO optimization: One of the essential tricks in staying ahead of competition is increasing traffic to your web store and PSD to Magento services offer you just this chance. The biggest advantage of Magento is ease of employing the search engine optimization strategy that it offers. It is an excellent platform for web stores to build their SEO friendly sites. Among other major features it offers multiple means of incorporation of user’s feedback. Product review, blogs, forums form a bulk of UGC or user generated content, which in turn is becoming increasingly important in building SEO content.
  • Consolidation: By opting for PSD to Magento conversion you also bring consolidation to a client with multiple stores. One of Magento’s unique features is its strong CMS that can support and consolidate multiple stores. It has one of the best interfaces to manage multiple stores by a single admin.
  • Reporting: Magento helps your client stay ahead of its competition by providing them with a constant feedback. It has many features that focus on user feedback, buying trends, product availability and even mapping competition. Companies can keep a track of products that do well, check on stock and user’s feedback. For instance, an RSS feed helps both the owner and the shopper to know what is happening in the store.

Convert PSD to MAGENTO

  • Back-up support: Since this is an open source CMS, there are plenty of attractive plug-ins that you can easily avail from independent sources. There are free tutorials, bloggers offering useful tips and even some invaluable add-ons. These help you improve your SEO quotient, incorporate better user-friendly measures and get the maximum from your site.
  • Ease of use: What gives Magento an edge over its competition is its ease of use. It is an extremely user-friendly technology used to design e-commerce sites, which gives a shopper multiple choices. It has arguably the best shopping cart on the web today.  There are multiple payment and currency options. It offers buyers the best and fastest payment options with one page check out.
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  • Accessibility: Magento is supported across various web hosts, which means it can be easily installed and opened in various browsers on the net today including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and others. By converting your PSD to Magento you automatically spread its ambit across the globe. In addition its various features assure that users across the world find it easy to use and access. This is a crucial feature as web stores widen their ambit and look for buyers that cut across borders. Its ability to support multiple languages and currencies is invaluable in this context.

Magento has some clear advantages that make it ideal for global brands that work with multiple online stores and deal with customers from across the world. By using professional PSD to Magento services you can get the best of this platform and its many innovative plug-ins.

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