What is fall protection design?

Think about all the circumstances where your workers can fall and injure themselves while performing your work-related duties. Fall protection design could have prevented these injuries. Or, it could have reduced the likelihood of the injury occurring in the first place. Since scaffolds play crucial roles in lowering the risks of falling, fall protection design may mean designing an efficient scaffold.

Who provides fall protection design?

Fall protection design is a specialized, and highly regulated, area that requires advanced training and skill-sets. Any number of professional fall protection engineering companies can provide these needed services. To fully protect you and your company from governmental punitive measures, you must make certain that you deal only with firms who are OSHA-certified. OSHA, standing for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, stipulates rules and regulations that each workplace must abide by to make certain the environment is safe for workers to perform work-related duties. Each professional who provides fall protection design services must be individually OSHA-certified. A competent fall protection engineering company will work with you to arrive at a turn-key solution for solving your fall protection concerns.

Fall Protection Design

Fall protection design services must be provided by a fall protection engineering company or individual who is specially trained in this complex area. You have the choice of either hiring an OSHA-certified individual to provide the services, or you can contract with a fall protection engineering firm. Either way, find a professional that suits your company budget, wants and needs.

Do you need any fall protection design?

Think about your workplace and the site where your workers perform their duties while being lifted at least four feet from the surface level. Do you see any potential for falling? Even if you do not, you will need to consult with a professional fall protection engineering company. These professionals will have the insight into spotting circumstances that you may not be aware of. Their trained eyes will see an accident waiting to happen, for instance.

Even if you have a ground-level work area, your workers can still fall. In this case, you may need to consult with a fall protection engineering company to ascertain you are complying with OSHA fall protection rules and regulations. It always better to be safe than sorry.

What does a fall protection design cost?

As with any design, the cost depends upon the complexity and application of the design involved. Costs depend upon the time the designer, or team, needs to calculate and develop your particular design. It depends upon how long it takes to make your fall protection design in compliance with possibly ANSI (acronym for the American National Standards Institute) and definitely OSHA. After coming up with a design, the results will be shown to you. It is up to you to accept or reject the design. This all takes time and cost. Remember that a more experienced and respectable fall protection engineering firm will charge more for its services than a newer company will.

Contracting for fall protection design can make for a productive and happy workplace. Do your part to see your business flourish.

About The Author: Wayne Hemrick is very knowlegdeable about fall protection design. Wayne refers to DH Glabe for information and services.