Buying a few unique pieces of furniture and accessories for your home can really add a personal touch. There are great shops out there like IKEA for the basic pieces but we don’t want all our homes to be uniform and look like we’ve plucked everything from the same page in a catalogue. There is nothing worse than turning up to a party in the same dress as your friend. The same applies for your home, why would you want it to look the same as everyone else’s; after all you’re not the same. Hand selecting a few pieces of antique furniture is a sure way to make sure nobody else’s home looks the same as yours, and you’ll love your antique pieces far more than your mass produced IKEA dining table.

Shopping For Antiques

Where To Start

The antique industry is a big one, so there’s sure to be a regular antique fair on close to home. Check out all the possible fairs online first.

Once you’ve found a fair that looks good think about what you are after. It’s lovely to have a leisurely day at an antique fair, but if you are actually looking for something specific you need to think about it first-

  • Think about the style that will fit into your home
  • Think about what you will use it for, do you need a new chest of drawers? If so what will you keep in the drawers and how big do they need to be?
  • Think about where it will go, take measurements and take your measuring tape with you on the day!

Do Your Home Work

Do some research beforehand. Look at similar pieces to the one you want online so you know what to expect to pay. Look for photos of the makers mark so you know where to find it if it does have one. If you find something very similar to something you have seen online and the vendor is asking £300, but online the asking price was £150 you’ll know you are being over charged.

Carry Cash

Most vendors will only accept cash, but it’s also a good tip to stop you over spending. You will also be more likely to get a price down if you know you only have so much in your pocket to spend. You can even use it to prove to a vendor you only have the amount you say you do so they agree to a lower price.

Antique shopping can be a fun and unique experience, but try to remember not to get too carried away and over spend. Follow these simple tips and you can’t go wrong.

Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Design Spree and would recommend them for furniture stores in New Jersey.