Is there still a place for traditional billboards and signage? The internet has spread its pernicious influence through every business sector, reaching nearly all layers of the world’s population and it has revolutionised advertising; with targeted emails pinging into our inboxes on a regular basis, advertising banners sliding across or down our screens when we browse websites and sponsored websites arrogantly ranging themselves at the top of our search results. While some find this type of advertising intrusive and annoying, there is no doubt that an offer of footwear after five minutes of searching for the perfect shoe can attract more interest than an offer for a product or service completely unrelated to the search subject.

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Shop Signs

A colourful and competent shop sign will work to enhance and display a business’ premises to the outside world, while a poor or drab display can actively lose custom, even if the store has an excellent web presence. Companies must always be sure to invest in signage that matches their website in quality. Shop Signs work by initially catching the attention of pedestrian traffic, and then following up by enticing them inside the shop, at which point a practised salesperson should be poised and ready to close the deal by making the sale!

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a mobile billboard taking word of a business to a much wider, yet still local audience. It has been reported that one particular vehicle can be seen by as many as 3000 people within an hour, meaning that a bright and attractive vehicle wrap can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people within a month. Vehicle advertising can go from a relatively modest decal on a door panel all the way up to a vibrant and lively total vehicle covering, depending on the needs of the business. Many of the decals and vinyl are available with reflective colourings, which mean that a business can be advertised literally night and day.

Billboard Hoardings

Billboards are available in a wide variety of sizes; from the very large hoardings placed so as to attract the attention of long-distance motorway traffic to the smaller models placed closer to the premises, even on the top of the building, designed to draw immediate attention from a bit further away. Modern technology has found its way into these massive constructions, enabling a detailed slide show to highlight the best products, services and features of a company through a digital billboard, a magnificent combination of the old and the new. No matter the size of billboard, or whether it is old or new technology; a billboard can work well for a business, raising awareness of the company and helping with the transition from just another company to a known and trusted household brand.

Seasonal Advertising

From a simple A-frame sandwich board on the pavement outside a shop to a full window or even billboard display, it is possible for a company to take advantage of special occasions and seasons to boost income and profits. With Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas, to name just a few, coming around at regular intervals it is possible to provide timely profit boosts to the business, with a cost effective advertising campaign. Temporary signage is available for many different media, from the above-mentioned shop window and billboard-type displays to temporary vehicle wraps. It is a fact that signwriting can be customised according to the wishes of the sign purchaser.

Location Specific Advertising

Bus stops and sports-grounds are perfect places to place advertising. Not only can a company choose to advertise along specific routes in the hope of attracting pass-through customer, but a national bus stop signwriting campaign has been found to reach a massive 70% of the population within two short weeks. Not only bus users can see the brightly lit and well displays posters, other road users, drivers and passengers, pedestrians and people living and working nearby all benefit from bus stop advertising. Sports-grounds display company logos, products and information continuously for up to an hour and a half to a literally captive audience! While the game may keep their attention for exciting periods, there will be quieter or more boring moments where the spectator’s eye will be drawn to the colourful and eye-catching displays running around the perimeter of the field. Noticeboards are also excellent places to place poster-sized advertisements, especially in places where potential customers have to wait a short time and may well read all available information to alleviate the boredom of the wait; for example doctors or dentists waiting rooms, or before appointments at other establishments.

For Sale Signs

An estate agent has a wonderful opportunity to make his or her name by placing a rash of ‘For Sale’ signs widely in a neighbourhood or area. Not only can the signs be placed very specifically where they are needed, i.e. in the front garden of the property that is being sold, but they can contain absolutely everything that a new prospective customer might need, contact information including phone number, address, website physical address and even email address. This means that a ‘For Sale’ sign could potentially not only help to sell one house, but many more too.

The internet and cyber advertising certainly can help to teach us about the many companies, services and products that are ‘out there’; but it is not quite so good at very localised searches, and for that, prominent physical adverts like bill-boards, hoardings and posters come into their own. They are able to attract the attention of passers-by whether vehicular or pedestrian billboards; physical advertisements stand tall, catching the eye of all those who pass and drawing them into a potential contact.

Ross Davies writing for Nocturnal Designs the UK leaders in signs for schools and school signage.