Nokia has been doing amazingly well in bringing alive the trend of budgeted mobile phones in an even better and classy way. This clearly shows that no matter the company has been doing really well in the high end Smartphone arena, its another line of budgeted mobile phones will have its own spell and charisma. The point is, if you are really looking for something that falls absolutely within your budget and promises great functionality then the all new Nokia Asha 501 is all what you really need.

Taking a nod from the past, it can be clearly seen that the company had a good success record with its Asha series of mobile phones and that is absolutely correct to make a call for a new sibling. Now, all we really need to see is that how far this new sibling would take the success sorts of the company. Everything else will come to an open gateway after getting into the nerves of the new chum.


So, let us quickly probe a bit deeper to know what actually the company is up to and how well would it do in the coming time with its ongoing series.

Design and build:

The all new member in the Asha family is dapperly built and it features a chic design that will surely win your heart and will leave you bragging about the same. This could really be felt only when you will have a hold onto the mobile phone. However, to be honest with the fact, one might feel quite dismayed to see the 3 inches display screen, which is relatively small and doesn’t fetches much as it should rather have been. Interestingly, the all new chum in the family is launched in vibrant colors and one might feel it more like a miniature of the Lumia series of Smartphones.

Talking about the total build dimension of the mobile phone then it is compacted within the total dimension of 58 mm x 12.1 mm x 99.2 mm and has a total weight of 98 grams. This altogether means that the mobile phone is absolutely compact and can easily be slid into the pocket without any problem at all. Furthermore, there are no buttons on the front portion except just one that is placed right under the screen. The front portion comes bolted with a 3 inches display screen that is guarded by the scratch resistant glass and has a total screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

Performance packed:

There’s one thing that will surely help you to differentiate the new Asha 501 with the close predecessors of the same lineup. The hairline difference is that the new member in the family is optimized to run on the MeeGo OS instead of Series 40 OS that was found being used with the previous Asha models. Apart from this, the built in system memory total to 64 MB, which is comparatively low but when you compare the same with the price then it’s pretty justified anyways. Not only this but the built in memory of the mobile phone can also be amplified up to gigantic 32 GB via external flash mount and that’s something which ices the cake. On the other hand, the rear portion of the mobile phone flaunts amazing 3.2 Megapixels that has fixed auto focus and promises a good image output overall and the dual sim support is simply amazing.


So, this is quite really clear and evident that the mobile phone is amazingly packed with pretty neat and decent features that surely count in a budgeted handset like this. Certainly, the transparent price of the mobile phone is all that will surely delight your senses. Talking about the Nokia Asha 501 best price in India then its price is set as transparent as under Rs. 5000.

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