T-Shirt Designing can be one of the many interesting applications of the Graphic Design. It has been proven to be one of the most profitable ventures in the yester-years. Gifting Self designed t-shirts to your loved one’s can be the most unique gifts and you may end up winning hearts of your friends and family. Also, with the advancements in the technologies tee market has seen an enormous growth and today T-shirts are the most sold items through the e-stores.

These Days establishing one’s own T-shirt designing business is relatively simpler. To be a good designer all you need is genuine artistic talent and commitment. The designs should be unique and appealing to the customer. T-shirt designers may use a mixture of text typography, Visual art and Layouts to develop a focused and balanced design. For a successful business one requires to put in extra efforts and should perform proper market research and set up a fully functional e-store. The brand should be strong and one must have a control on the quality of the product. Having an excellent shipping service can be the icing to the cake.

Here we list a few instructions which one should follow before designing the T-shirt.

  • One should be aware of the purpose of the t-shirt. As the design may be used for advertising a company or brand. The design should be visible, catchy and clear when printed on the t-shirt. The color     coordination, composition and maintaining the originality of the design would scoop out the maximum time. One should know how much area of the shirt would the design cover and if you need to print the design on front as well as on the back area. One should decide the fonts and font size to be used.
  • Adding an Image: one can use the public domain images or buy a copyrighted image and use it in your design. You can take your own pictures as well.
  • Paper sketches can be converted to digital images on scanning but the quality of the sketch should be extremely good and
  • Beautify your design with all the available effects like filters, contrast, brightness and other effects which may enhance the design.
  • Once your design is ready you can print it and iron it on the t-shirt  but for having a quality print which should withstand all the future washing and scrubbing one must get it printed by professionals.
  • To produce t-shirts in huge numbers one can pay a printing company or you can also register yourself to the websites where you can submit the design and give them commission for every sale.

There are many books available in the market like Full for design, 108 ways to transform a T-shirt, T-shirt factory which not only showcase many outstanding designs for the tshirt  but also provide tutorials on using various designing softwares.

Author’s Bio: Frank Smith the author of Geeky Edge & Edesign Tuts is widely acknowledged as one of those with the keenest understanding of trends in business, social media, technology, web development and webdesign.