Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation behind building a new home. It tends to be much more work, in comparison to purchasing an established house, which you could move straight into, hassle free. However, will moving into an older or recently renovated house really provide that warm homely feeling that you so deserve?

Home Design Inspiration

Get out and visually observe your surroundings

In the initial stages of your planning process, begin to actively look around and notice the homes and developments in your current neighborhood and surrounds. Generally it may be a little difficult whilst driving to the local shopping centre but it may be worthwhile to take the dog for a walk around the local area. As old Sniffles (the dog) is off on an adventure of his own wandering around and experiencing the endless nature and landscape that the neighborhood has to offer, this is your opportunity to really delve into the scenery that inconspicuously surrounds you on a daily basis. You may begin to notice the little things that you see every day and don’t realize as you are fighting the rat race in the morning rush to beat the traffic. Take mental notes or even take a notepad and document particular elements of the surrounds that interest or intrigue you.

Home Design Inspiration

As you are actively observing your surroundings, you will start to register particular interests that were non-existent previously that you were unaware of. From the little things such as flowers in the front lawn garden beds, to the design and architecture of the building that sits succinctly at your eye level, you will begin to develop particular desires that you will want to incorporate into a home of your own. Continue your search through your workplace or surrounding outdoor areas to see if anything else catches your eye. Buildings in urban areas may seem irrelevant as they are not residential but you may develop ideas or see something that could inspire you. The imagination is a powerful tool and everyone sees something different.

Talk to friends and family

Finding inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to come from only from visually observing your surrounds. Take the opportunity to talk to neighbors, friends and family that have built their own home and ask what motivations they had behind their decisions. You will find that people that have been through the process before will have much experience and knowledge that will be beneficial for you to hear. Think of yourself as a sponge, absorb everything they tell you and ask questions to help deliver some inspiration. It may be the tangibles such as cost, physical layout and facilities that you have the opportunity to choose. Or it may also be the intangibles such as preventing any stress from purchasing a home and land package to save time and hassle. Either way, they ended up with their dream home that you so desperately desire.

Imagine the sensation of building your own home that you come back to everyday that features all the elements that inherit your unique character from the house plan to the home design, right down to the smaller, less conspicuous tangibles such as the door handles that you deliberately selected to deliver a home that is catered to suit your individual personality. The opportunities are endless, you just have to find the inspiration to make this a reality.

About The Author: Jackson is one of the leading Home Designers in Australia. He works with many of the leading builders from around the country and his designs are famous for being sleek and ultra-modern.