A fireplace is a sure focal or central point for a home. It magnetizes the attention of onlookers in a natural way. Fireplace or hearth gives out warmth and thus, it becomes highly important during the winters. However, just having a usual fireplace is not enough if you wish it to render an elegant and wonderful look to your space. Thus, you require adorning the hearth with some cool and creative accessories to make it appear more alluring and chic.

Winter Fireplace

A few creative accessories for your winter fireplace are as follows:

• Fireplace Screen: This will be an exception addition to your hearth. It is very crucial especially if there are kids at home, as the screen will thwart burns and accidents. Apart from the safety aspects, hearth screen beautifies the entire decor of your home nicely particularly around the fireplace. Hearth screens are available in distinct designs and sizes. You may also find screens made from different materials such as pewter, wrought iron and antique bars. Thus, depending on the theme of your home decor you may opt for the apt one.

Fireplace Screen
• Andirons: Another creative accessory for your fireplace is andiron. These bars accumulate firewood whilst they are on fire. The entire idea behind andirons is to maintain the firewood altogether and let adequate air to aid in proper combustion thus, curbing smoke and preventing the firewood from bulging out of the fireplace. In fact, andirons are highly popular accessories used for embellishment of fireplace by many homeowners. They come in different materials and the guards too come in various designs ranging from animals to plants.

• Fireplace Mantel: Also referred to as chimney piece, mantels offer an attractive framework around your hearth. It serves as the most decorative and artistic addition to your hearth. These days, fireplace mantels come in different styles, sizes and qualities so choose the one, which suits your taste and preferences the best.

Fireplace Mantel
• Fireplace Front: These are highly useful as interior decor items. In addition, they are attractive, wonderful and elegant additions to your hearth. These are available in different materials such as copper, brass, iron, etc. The fronts are sure to give your fireplace a luminous effect. You may even get these made from silver, gold, copper, brass, nickel to make your fireplace appear lavish.

Fireplace Front

Adorning your winter fireplace with creative accessories is a way to flaunt your creativity as a hearth admirer. So follow your imagination and create a stunning winter place. Most importantly, ensure that all the accessories that you intend to opt for your fireplace complement well one another in terms of design and style. It is also imperative to determine the theme of your home. So know whether your home has a contemporary or traditional look before accessorizing your fireplace.

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