Before the first iPad was launched, Apple promised consumers that it would revolutionize mobile computing. The 1st generation iPad became a runaway success and every subsequent generation continued to introduce new features that wowed consumers.

The iPad 4 is yet another iteration of the popular tablet and experts see no reason why it won’t live up to expectations. One of the major strengths of the iPad has always been the wide range of apps available in the iTunes store. The excellent touch-screen on the iPad 4 makes it very popular with artists and there are numerous apps available on the iTunes store targeted towards artists. Here are 4 essential apps that every artist must have on their iPad 4:

iPad 4 Apps for ArtistsSketchBook Pro

When it comes to creating art on the iPad, Sketch Book Pro is the undisputed king of the hill. With professional-grade tools at their disposal, artists can create visual magic using this app. Sketch Book Pro is feature-packed and makes it worth every penny that you will spend on it. Admittedly, it is not the most user-friendly of apps; the user interface is quite complex and requires some time to getting used to. However, that is a small price to pay for the numerous advantages that the app offers. Artists have access to a wide range of brushes, pencils and pens, all accessible at the touch of a fingertip thanks to the extremely customizable toolbar.

Artist’s Touch

Artist’s Touch is one of the best learning apps for artists wishing to concentrate on working on their technique. The app can also function as a regular canvas, just like any other art app. However, its key strength lies in allowing artists to work on existing images without modifying them. Painting over on a new layer over existing images allows artists to concentrate more on their actual technique. Artists can attempt to recreate certain painting techniques that they wish to learn and immediately compare the results between the original and their own efforts.


Procreate is perhaps one of the most underrated apps available on the iTunes store. People are often fooled by its easy-to-use graphic interface and fail to see just how powerful and useful the app really is. Very few apps can match the tools that this app can offer to artists, while continuing to be user-friendly. One of the highlights in Procreate is the manner in which it can effectively zoom in and out of images. For most apps, zooming is a bit of an issue and it is not uncommon to find the image slightly blurred when zoomed in. However, Procreate makes good use of the iPad 4’s awesome processing power to ensure that the image appears crisp no matter how further in you zoom.


Every artist likes to doodle whenever they can. Most professional-grade apps on the iPad 4 are great for creating and editing images, but are overkill as far as doodling is concerned. This is where Penultimate proves its worth. The app is optimized to work amazingly well irrespective of whether you are doodling with a stylus or your fingers. One of the best features about Penultimate is that it can be integrated with the Ever note app, allowing you to add hand-drawn illustrations to your essays and poems.

Just like its predecessors, the iPad 4 will be very popular with the art community. The 4 apps mentioned here will help ensure that artists can get the most out of their new iPad 4.

The article is contributed by Michael Harris, who is a tech enthusiast. Through his article, he talks about different iPad apps which are beneficial for artists. He contributes articles for Lump Sculpture Studio, renowed studio for water features and Corten Melbourne.