It is essential to have business card designs that are latest and famous. This way, you will be able to make a fantastic impression on the other person and he will take you seriously. It has also been proven that business cards actually reflect your personality and your choice. Therefore, you must try your best to keep your business card up to date with the right amount of information. The quality of your business card is also very important. There are a lot of new designs that are made in Photoshop and can be taken inspiration from. Here are some of the most creative PSD business card designs for the inspiration of graphic designers.

business card1. This is a very famous design for a business card. It has blue background and a splash of blue color on the other side where the information is written.


2. This design has a combination of pink, navy and yellow. The card colors fade in the end and are darker on the sides therefore making it creative.


3. This is a simple design with a texture and pattern done in black and a color strip of green at the bottom.


4. This card design seems to be embossed in sand brown color and is very unique.


5. This is a simple design with a logo.


6. This is a designer design that has embossed logo on the side.


7. A pretty simple design with black logo on the top and simple website info at the back.


8. A very creative design with simple colors.


9. This is a serious looking business card with a twist of style.


10. This is a stylish card with geometrical shape at heart.


11. This is another example of how colors can be used for making the card look attractive.


12. This is also a very famous design for business card.


13. The logo is on the right side and name of the left and therefore this is a new style.


14. This is a beautiful embossed card.


15. Another embossed card that ensures that ink is not faded with time.


16. This is a beautiful design.


17. This is another attractive design of a card.


18. This is a great design that instantly gives a message of what the occupation of the person is.


19. This is an exceptional design which is extremely attractive.


20. This is one of the simplest yet most creative styles of business card.

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