A recent survey reveals that most of the consumers are using the internet to buy products, search for products, read product reviews and compare brands. The consumer buying behavior is changing fast with the latest technological advancements and smart phones. Every business whether it is big or small needs a website to make its presence felt on the internet. Owning a website becomes more important for small business owners because they don’t have a big advertising budget to support their marketing efforts. They cannot touch customers through traditional advertising, but a business website can make them take their business to global markets.

Build Your Brand

For a small business, a website serves the purpose of creating a brand identity and a position for the brand in the local market. Apart from doing some below the line advertising involving brochures, pamphlets, posters, flexes etc. small businesses don’t have much scope to promote their brand. A website gives them ample opportunity to inform, engage, advertise and promote their business at much less cost.

However, the website has to be professional, attractive, informative and engaging only then it can be of any use for a business. It is important for small business owners to spend a little on getting a professionally designed website that will attract huge traffic and set their business on the path of internet success. A good business website should be able to capture the attention of the visitors in the first 30 seconds with its design, colors, images, content and navigation. It is very easy to lose customers because of shoddy websites. Customers usually attribute the look and feel of a website to the dependability of a business.

Small Business Needs A Website

Low-cost Advertising

A website is like the spokesperson of a business, it represents the business and its integrity, professionalism and competence. There is no better medium to contact potential customers and engage them, than a professionally designed website. It will be up and running through the day so that a business doesn’t miss out on any consumers coming its way. A website providesthe required information about a business that is essential to create credibility and increase its brand awareness. Visitors and customers can understand the business and its offerings in a comprehensive manner from a website.

Small business owners can include brochures, sales mailers and banner ads on their website itself without taking the pains of getting them published. A website opens the gates of reaching a wider consumer base with access to both national and international audience. Owners can identify theirspecific target group and direct all their promotional efforts on the website towards attracting them.


Competitive Advantage

Differentiating from competitors can be easily achieved through the information available on the website and the branding collaterals like logo, brand color, images, mailers, domain name etc. A website makes a brand easily distinguishable from the clutter and makes it stand apart in the local as well as global market. When a site shows up in the search results of major search engines, it automatically increasesthe business prospects of the owners. Visitors searching for related products can also view your website and become potential customers.

Thus, a good website is the need of the hour for every small business owner to reach out to their present and potential consumers and capture their attention to convert them.

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