Your children and your pets are very important to you, which is why you like to capture their special moments by taking pictures. But since children and pets don’t even like to sit still, trying to take their picture can often result in blurry images and a ton of pictures without smiles or looking at the camera. But if you really want to capture great images of your kids or your pets, here are a few tips that will help ensure you get the best shots.

Kids & Pets Photograph

Choose the right location.

You may be making the mistake of trying to force your child or your pet into taking a photo in a location that best suits you, and this will ultimately end up as a disaster. The best way to take photos of your kids and your pets is to ensure that you are taking them in a location that is comfortable for them. For example, if your child is always playing in their playroom, then make sure to snap pictures in the playroom. If your pet is always basking in the sun in your living room, then make sure to take the photos in your living room. Doing this will help put your pet and your child at ease.

Kids & Pets Photograph

Outdoors is best.

Getting shots outdoors will always be the best option. Not only does this give you plenty for room to use for your pictures, but it also gives you natural light, which will help your pictures look their best. Plus, the natural light will give your photo the best colors, making them look professional.

Kids Rubbing Noses with Puppy

Use a fast shutter speed.

The reason that pets and children pose such a problem is because they’re constantly moving, and most people end up with blurry pictures because they don’t choose the right shutter speed. A faster shutter speed will be the best option to freeze motion, allowing your pictures to capture the motion in the best way possible.

Be candid.

Since most pets and children will not sit still, you could always try and get some great poses by photographing them candidly. Be very sneaky with approaching them when they’re simply hanging out naturally, and this can help you get great staged-like photos without the staging.

Capture their attention.

There’s a reason that photographers use stuffed animals, treats and other focal items to lure the attention of kids and pets, and you can always do the same thing. Take something that will make your child laugh or something that will make your pet stare and use this to capture their attention so that you can get a photo of them looking directly at the camera.

Kids & Pets Photograph

Use the least amount of equipment.

Some pets and children become skittish when it comes to getting their picture taken because the equipment in their face tends to scare them. Instead of opting for the full-blown photo shoot with tripods, lights and an oversized camera, stick with the smallest camera and limited equipment as possible. You may also want to show the camera to your child or your pet first.

About The Author: Kathryn Thompson is a professional photographer who specializes in dog & kid photography.  She enjoys capturing the sparkle of life in those special moments in time and sharing them with others.