The market of graphic design is a very competitive one with several professional brochure designers entering the arena every year. This can be both good and bad news. Why? It is good because it shows the demand for designers, but it is bad news because the competition is full of experienced and well-versed designers. It means you need to be equally good at it in order to survive.


The problem with most of the graphic designers is that once they pass out from their training school, they tend to get separated from the learning spree, thus becoming stagnant as far as designing skills are concerned. Well, given the work pressure, they cannot be blamed for that. But, survival in such a competitive field does require you to keep on acquiring technical skills, and continue pushing your limits of creativity.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some survival tips that can help you.

Stay updated

This may look simple, but is the most overlooked point. The technicalities in the industry of graphic designing keep changing every few days, requiring its professionals to keep themselves updated with the new innovations.

Thank the internet for making the job easier today than what it was a decade ago. You can access the global library and follow the best graphic design forums and blogs. You can also be active on social networking sites and follow popular professional brochure designers. This way, you can gain a whole lot of knowledge and apply them in your daily work.

Join a design community

Besides keeping you updated, it also provides you with feedback and critiques. It is undoubtedly great to be your own boss, but having no one around to respond to your work can not show you the mirror, so that you know where you stand. In short, no criticism means no improvement.

Learn to manage your time effectively

Time management is something that all design professionals need to learn; otherwise, completing a project within deadline can be quite difficult. Given the fact that the world of IT revolves around quick turnarounds and strict deadlines, proper time management is nothing but a necessity. Moreover, your boss may ask for a design revision in the same day. So, it is better to be ready to alter your schedule at the last minute for accommodating a client.


You may have to change your mind set in order to fit into the professional world, which may be more competitive than what you had expected. Though it is a rat race out there, there are also a whole lot of opportunities to win the race. With this is mind, you will have to run a little faster and higher to reach the finishing line before anyone else. Getting yourself established will take a lot of hard work, patience and, of course, time. So, do not mind if you are struggling now, this is just the beginning; the result shall be fruitful.


Know your tools well

Being a new designer, you need to have a firm grip on the various technical tools available for designing; otherwise, performing basic tasks can be difficult. A good idea of tools can make your job easier, helping you complete it quickly. It also makes you aware of which tools are to be used where. Like, you should know that Adobe Photoshop is to be used for web designing and Adobe Illustrator for logo designing. Your software skills get reflected in your designs; hence, creating a good impression is not possible without knowing your tools well.

Make use of symbols

In graphic design, a symbol is a collection of graphical elements that are merged together to form a shape that the target viewers or customers can relate to. Hence, it should be unforgettable. The best logos we see in the market today are so powerful that we can recognize the company even if the name is not imprinted. So, using symbols when creating designs can go a long way in earning you fame.


Given the tight schedule that IT professionals have, it is understandable that going for a holiday is not easy. But going around is necessary not just for refreshing your mind, but inspiring it as well. Experiencing new cultures and cities can actually open your mind up to a whole new world.

With these tips, graphic or professional brochure designers can survive the competition and make it to the top in the industry of graphic or brochure designing.

About Author:

This guest post has been penned down by Aditi Datta. She has expertise in the field of blogging and a professional brochure designer too. She has also researched well in the field of designing and provide good and effective tips on brochure design and pamphlet designs.