Writing is a great way of finding an outlet; it can also be used in business to boost website traffic. If you have a blog on your site you probably already know about the SEO benefits a regularly updated blog provides. However you probably also know that writing can take its toll both mentally and physically. Spending time on your web content is a worthwhile task but you need to avoid burning yourself out.

Sitting Still All Day Long

A blog involves a lot of commitment and various different tasks, most which are done sitting down in front of a computer. There is the coding on the site to consider, creating content, researching, marketing and monitoring your statistics. This can mean long hours of minimal movement, and we all know that is not good news for the body, but it can also be bad news for your mind.

Staying Healthy

I work all day on blogs and it has taken me a long time to work in a way of helping my body while finding the time for work and for family. I think the best advice I can give anyone is to create a schedule that works for you. I have tried to get up early for a workout and on all occasions I managed at most to keep this up for a week.  I am not a morning person, it takes me a while to get going and really the last thing I want to do is start jogging at 6am.

Instead I now get my work out about 10pm, not ideal for everyone but it’s perfect for me and I am sticking to it. I don’t do anything too strenuous; I walk for about two hours with my dogs. I have my partner with me and I live in a safe area so it is wonderful to get out the house, enjoy the starry skies and the peaceful streets and get away from technology which always calls me if I am in the home.

Signs of a Sluggish Body

Your body will let you know when you have been working for too long. I didn’t really pay attention to the problems until I couldn’t fit into my jeans anymore. Since taking up walking I have lost weight, even though the exercise isn’t constant cardio it is enough to make a huge difference. There are other signs to look out for too such as:

  • Sore eyes
  • Stiff shoulders and neck
  • Pins and needles
  • Aching legs and hands
  • Lack of ideas

Seeing the Benefits of Putting Your Body Before Your Blog

Since I have started walking not only have I managed to get into my old favourite pair of jeans I have also noticed my writing has improved. I come back after my walk and write and everything I produce seems to come out so much easier. I feel refreshed and inspired, the endorphins help me to feel positive and this comes out in the work I produce.

Finding a Schedule to Fit Around You

Many writers find their best content comes at night, while others work well in the morning. If you are writing all day you do need to find time for your health. Listen to your mind and your body and learn when the best time is for you to take a break and work on you rather than the website. Don’t force yourself to try and exercise at times when you know you aren’t going to feel like it. You are more likely to give up and go back into old habits by ignoring the way your body works.

As a copywriter it is vital that you pay attention to your health, not just to improve your work but also to stay fit and healthy.