Beyond the skyscrapers, artificial islands and the beautiful malls lies a truly magnificent side of Dubai. This facet of Dubai is made of fine grains of sand, fleeting hills, strong winds and cloudless skies. Yes, we are talking about the deserts of Dubai, known for their traditional Arab outlook and their modern ways of enjoyment.

One of the best ways to enjoy Dubai’s deserts is to go for a dune buggy safari of Dubai. Dune buggies of Dubai provide a thrilling experience to every tourist wishing to look deep into Dubai’s origins. Whenever you visit Dubai, you must try a dune buggy safari for the following reasons.

  1. Know the Mysteries of the Desert: The guides of a dune buggy safari Dubai will let you know of the most famous tourist spots in the desert, which are otherwise very hard to notice. This ensures that you do not miss out on the best desert experience in Dubai.

2. Adventure Junkie? Yes, please: Are you someone who can’t resist adventure? You are in luck because nothing gets more adventurous than a dune buggy of Dubai. As you climb the tall dunes cushioned in your dune buggy, you will have your blood pumping wildly because you don’t know what comes on the other side of the dunes. The bumpy ride will have your heart thumping in excitement as you fight to stay upright on the dune buggy. In case you want to have some more fun, you can even try to compete in a friendly race with some of your fellow dune buggy enthusiasts.

3. Picturesque Horizon: As you cruise and rocks through the dunes and the valleys of this marvelous desert, you will encounter beautiful sunsets and a picturesque skyline framed by the Arabic sands. These scenes won’t be much different from the deserts you have seen in the Aladdin movie, and are sure to give you a magical experience akin to the Arabian nights. These are the best scenes for you to capture a ton of pictures, you will get the background you need to make your pictures look like they were shot for a movie.

4. Know Dubai’s Wildlife: Since most of the city is covered in industries and residential complexes, most of Dubai’s exotic wildlife rests in the desert. You will certainly get to see desert falcons frequenting your dune buggy Dubai track. You can even see someone’s pet falcon and click a picture for good.

There are a lot of dune buggy providers present in Dubai. Charges for one dune buggy trip range from $150-$200 per hour. These trips of the desert sometimes include refreshments or dinner, and usually, you have a tour guide to ensure your safety at all times. You might be required to sign a disclaimer before beginning your dune buggy safari, but no other paperwork is usually required.

Do not hesitate to take on Dubai’s seemingly empty but adventurous deserts, whether you are a tourist looking to explore Dubai, or a resident looking for an adrenaline-filled weekend!