Evaluating your life is very important for every grown person on this planet as this is the only way we can decide whether we like the way we’ve lived so far or not.

Blank Canvas

Imagine life as a blank canvas

Imagining life as a blank canvas can definitely help everyone easily evaluate their lives and the way they have lived so far. On this canvas there is everything we have ever done as we are the ones that form our destiny and with it our lives. What’s more, the social contacts with our friends, relatives and colleagues are also mainly lead by our own thoughts, actions and way of thinking. Not only do we form our own lives but we can also evaluate them just by imagining this. It would not be easy for everyone to think that in the beginning there was nothing but the white color. The white color of the blank canvas also illustrates the purity and goodness we are born with and we are the only ones that can substitute this pure, natural color with black.

Not only does our life depend on our actions but also the world history depends on this. It doesn’t depend exactly on a person’s life but on the combination of choices that have been made by hundreds of thousands of people in a country or in the whole world. The different choices that are made in each one’s blank canvas are put together and that is what has brought most of the changes in our world – in our way of life, way of thinking and in our values. People can change throughout their whole life but it is far simpler not to change something but to just make it right. This leads us to the thought that we should begin thinking a little more globally as early as it is possible.

Does this blank canvas affect future?

The blank canvas is mainly about our past – about what we have done or we have wanted to do. But it is not only about the past. It is also about our actions at this very moment and about our decisions for the day after tomorrow. We should never think that what we do now wouldn’t have an effect tomorrow or this effect would be postponed for too long in the future. Thinking about the day after tomorrow would certainly help us feel happier. We would also regret about less things in our lives because we have made the important thing in advance – we have thought about that particular problem or about our action.

However, there is also another very important characteristic feature of the blank canvas. It represents our life but as we all know we cannot change everything. Things that are happening all over the world have their effects on our canvas too. Things like the world economic crisis or like different floods, tornados, volcano eruptions and many more cannot just pass by us. They have a strong effect on us either directly or indirectly through the news we read or the people we talk to.

The blank canvas may seem like a silly metaphor but is probably the best one that would perfectly describe the whole process of the evaluation of our lives. Visit www.artistsblankcanvas.co.uk and get involved in the canvas world.