So you use the internet. Chances are you also use mobile for the internet usage. Certainly, there is a broadband connection at your home. If you mark all of them like a tick mark, biggest of companies are making wealth out of your data.

What’s data? The content you see, when do you see the content, the location you use content from, and what preferences you have- are all data for companies working in big data. These companies offer different approaches. That is to say,

  • Care: Customer relationship management
  • Security: Regulatory compliance and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Finance: Billing system, revenue assurance, and auditing
  • Marketing: Business intelligence
  • Ops/engineering: Network analytics

Some of the leading big data companies offer solutions to these approaches and you are supposed to have data scientist skills to work with these companies. The top world companies for big data, which you can shortlist to work for, are:

  • Tableau: It originally started as a research project of Stanford University. The company started with visualization techniques for exploration of relational databases and analysis of data cubes. Now, its expansion has covered big data research. The data visualization is easy with Tableau and can be done for sources such as Hadoop and Excel files as well as with personal computers and iPhone, unlike some of the products that can offer data visualization for specific products only.       
  • New Relic: New relic is next on the list of big data companies. It uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) model for web monitoring and mobile applications. All such applications which run on premises, on the cloud, or a hybrid mix. It has access to over 50 plug-ins from a wide spectrum of technology partners who connect to its monitoring dashboard. The plug-ins that are available are Platform as a Service (PaaS), database, caching, queuing, and web servers. Its insight software is an easy tool for analysis.       
  • Alation: It crawls a complete enterprise for cataloging available information. It then is involved in the centralization of organizational data, where is data coming from, and who’s using it. All data is converted into metadata and makes easy fast searches with the English language. The factors that make it different from the other companies is an efficient optimization of the data structure, unified searching, and collaborative analytics which eventually helps in effective data governance. It’s got an amazing line-up of products which are quite insightful.       
  • Teradata: It has a great portfolio of leading big data apps integrated into what is known as Unified Data Architecture. Some of them are Teradata Query Grid, Teradata Unity, Teradata Listener, and Teradata Viewpoint. Query grid offers a glitch-free data fabric for new analytic engines. Talking of Listener, it’s a primary organizational framework. Unity is a package of four integrated products for the management of process data flow and Viewpoint is a web-based dashboard for management of Teradata environment.
  • VMware: VMware has got a virtualization product known as VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions which is completely based on big data and is also its flagship product. Big Data Extensions (BDE) is responsible for enabling deployment and management of Hadoop clusters present under vSphere. A large number of Hadoop distributors are supported by it, the likes of which are, Apache, Cloudera, MapR, Pivotal, and Hortonworks. Administrators have an effortless time handling huge data with such an easy-to-use product.

If you really wish to work for these companies, start developing your data scientist skills today. Grab some certifications offered by online universities or course platforms which can help you gain data scientist skills easily and stand as a great testimony.