Women make almost 50% of the population and still they are considered as the weaker section of the society. It is said that you can know the status of the country by knowing the status of women of that country. In India, we daily hear the crime news related to women and so it is important that Indian women should know about the that are made for their safety by the government of India.

Following a woman is a crime

If you found anyone is following you up, despite showing no interest, then you can file a complaint against him or her. No one can take your personal information forcefully from you.

Investing can take place at home only

The police while investigating any case cannot require a woman to attend any place other than she resides. This means this is illegally incorrect to call any woman to anywhere for investigation.

Prohibition of sex determination

Sex determination is prohibited. No one can force a woman to identify the gender of their fetus. The woman can raise her voice and legally file an action according to women laws in the against of sex determination.

Statement of sexual assault woman

It is mandatory to take the statement of the victim of sexual assault women on the immediate basis or as soon as possible by the judicial magistrate after lodging the FIR.

Free legal aid

All women are entitled to have free legal aid if they are unable to afford the fees while filing the case or to defend a case.

Insulting is a criminal offense

According to the women law, if a woman found that she has been insulted or molested by any act or gesture or sound, then she can raise her voice and there are women laws who will secure her and provide justice to her.

Stalking of Woman profile

Illegally stalking of woman profile by the means of the Internet is a cybercrime. Also, you cannot monitor the use of the Internet by women. It is a criminal offense.

No Sexual Remarks

No one can forcefully show you pornography, or force you to engage in sexual activity without women’s will. It is a criminal offense and strictly restricted.

Statement of Rape Victim

Statement of rape victim will be only recorded by the women officer and also at the place of victim’s choice. No one can force her to come at the police station or to come to any place to give her statement. She is free to provide a statement when she feels comfortable.

Adoption of Child

A Hindu woman is allowed to adopt any child whether it is a male child or female child. Like while single parenting male parent is not allowed to adopt a girl child.

Domestic violence

In case of domestic violence, a person who is causing the violence is not allowed on the premises of women.

Above mentioned women rules ensure to provide safety and security in case of any need. Women share equal status with man in the country and therefore they are authorized to get protection against the crimes.