The stone rambling sound every night can be very irritating for anyone who sleeps beside a snorer. In some cases, the sound produced can reach to a considerable level causing immense sleep deprivation to the snorer and the other members. Snoring is not a disease but a symptom that indicates serious issues with your breathing system. This is where a sleep doctor can help you to find the right snoring solution.

First, you have to find out why you are snoring. The reason behind it will reveal whether you will need a set of lifestyle changes to follow or to wear a mechanical support to cure. Here is how a sleep doctor explains snoring reasons.

Why do we snore?

  • Aging

The biggest reason behind snoring is aging. When we age, our nasal muscles lose tonicity. In fact, the soft tissues covering the nasal passage lumen also get fattened thus reducing the passage circumference. On heavy breathing at night, this softer tissue starts vibrating considerably. Due to the rumbling of this tissue, the sound is produced. During inhalation, the airflow is obstructed causing the tissues to feel the pressure. This is why the tissues vibrate and produce an irritating sound. In this case, the award winning snore treatment from Asonor can be used to keep the tissues taut and provide a proper passage to breathe in oxygen.

  • Overweight

The majority of the adults are overweight. Most of them are inactive and are bound by the shackles of a sedentary lifestyle. The desk jobs and excessive couching have led to the accumulation of calories causing overweight. The deposition of extra fat also narrows down the airway in the nasal duct. It has been found that the addition of extra weight around the neck or throat leads to involuntary snoring when you sleep. Proper exercises and weight loss program will aid the cause. In the meantime, you can end snoring by using the anti snoring solution from Asonor.

  • Physiological anomalies

In some cases, the nasal septum is misaligned causing breathing problems. Sinus issues can also lead to snoring. In fact, allergies also cause nasal blockage and make a person snore. The reason behind regular snoring can be discovered when you visit a doctor. The remedy will be designed depending on the cause. If any invasive procedure is needed, the doctor will suggest you that too.

Simple allergies can be eradicated using medications. The physiological anomalies will need an invasive procedure to make your nasal passage broader or normal.

  • Lifestyle

Awkward bedtime, inappropriate habits, and medications can also lead to snoring. Sleeping late disrupts the normal balance of sleep cycle. Consuming sleeping pills also causes nasal muscles to relax even more. In fact, alcoholism also leads to snoring. Drinking alcohol before going to bed can be very harmful to your breathing process.

Conclusion Using the award winning snore treatment will alleviate the problem if it is caused by lifestyle changes, bad habits, or aging. For a permanent solution, using this treatment procedure along with certain lifestyle changes will help immensely.