There is nothing more annoying than investing video conferencing software and finding that it doesn’t do what you need it to. Connecting with people in faraway places can be made easy if you use one of the five we have recommended below. It is vital that the image and sound on a recorded meeting is of good quality for all contributors. The five best video conferencing systems will be reviewed in this article. Reliability, price and features were what we took into account in our reviews. So hopefully finding the best video conferencing software will be a bit easier after reading this article.

Audio-visual Conferencing

Skype – This is a cheap and reliable option. However, as it is mainly used for private communication, not many people realise it can be used for business purposes. To participate in a group call, someone in the call will need to have signed up for the group video call option. However, it is compulsory for all attendees to have the latest version of Skype for Business. You will then have the option to share your screen and documents with the other attendees. So working alongside others in distance locations is a possibility with Skype. Subscriptions start at $8.99 per month.

TokBoxAudio-visual Conference – With this software all users will feel like they’re having a face-to-face conversation with others, when in fact there can be anything up to 200 people participating in the meeting. People can be seen when they are talking, as they can ask to go on screen when they have a question to ask or a comment to make. A meeting producer is also on hand to help out with any video-related issues. Before the meeting begins participants have the opportunity to send questions to the host so they can show which ones to show during the conference. So if you’re holding a meeting with numerous people or a webinar, then this is best option. It will cost you $40 per month for a subscription.

ooVoo – Other users of the software can send and record video messages to one another. Any colleagues that can’t make the meeting can have the meeting recorded in their absence. Up to 1,000 minutes of material can be stored on the system. Every meeting can only hold a maximum of six people, but the quality is very high. It is also very easy to use and has a smooth appearance. However, it is one of the more expensive video conferencing options as you will pay $39.95 for a monthly subscription.

MegaMeeting – This is browser-based conferencing software. One video conference allows 16 people from all over the world to participate. However, all attendees can be seen as the webcam image is refreshed every few seconds. Your corporate logo can also be put on the software. For $45 per month, you get three subscriptions.

SightSpeed – Anyone that couldn’t attend the meeting can have it recorded and then sent to them. All these recordings are kept on SightSpeed so you don’t need to download it and send it to your colleagues. This also means that your videos can be traced with analytics to see how many people watched them. One video conference allows up to 9 people to take part. SightSpeed has been designed by Logitech. During the meeting, you can download files which is similar to Skype. It is one of the cheaper options at just $19.95 per month.

This article was written by Brian Madden; Promotional Executive at Crown Telecom.