Content management Software like Joomla has made it possible for anyone to create, manage and build his or her own community website within a short time. It has also made it possible for content managers to automate their tasks without having to rely on others. Gone are the days when each webpage must be physically examined.

Today, the same level of comfort can be obtained with packages especially made for that purpose. Joomla enables web managers to use plugins that extend the normal features offered in the standard package while allowing users to implement certain improved aspects of that package such as advertisements, billing, and customer feedback. In addition, web managers are now increasingly relying on its useful elements such as on-site notification, featured media sharing with videos, flexible file sharing, content distribution, compatibility, private communication ability, Facebook friend invitation, customized privacy level during group discussion, cross update across various social networking sites and much more. One such plugin, namely JomSocial, has had significant impact on community websites. Being the award winning component, it has better network, better event management system, efficient activity stream and many more features that has made itself stand out among its competitors.

From the perspective of flexibility and usage, Joomla has proven to be more efficient and user-friendly compared to many other software in the market. With careful notes, one can find that Joomla has many features to extend and integrate a website it’s working on with other third party contents and applications. It has a powerful API to make this job easier for the developers of the website in question. And it’s all the wonderful features noted above that make Joomla so different from other ordinary structured website creation software.

A typical Joomla package may often lead users in two different direction – one with basic features, the other with advanced and customizable add-ons that require subscription. Customer support to obtain these packages tailored to the customer’s particular needs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and as members of the subscription plan, there is a registration form to complete and secured payment methods to follow. The plans also support different payment methods, at various levels such as gold, silver and bronze. All advanced packages offer administrators the ability to allow users to subscribe to their network, ability to terminate once the subscription period expires, email and alert notifications sent out periodically to all members across the board, and renewal option if allowed. It also supports hundreds of languages from all over the world.

Note that one particular Joomla plan that is perfect for one type of community website may not be perfect for another. Having identified the necessary add-ons, and having identified practical considerations such as user-count, number of posts and the level of activities, it’s time to list some community websites that dominate the peer group.

Mumsnet – This is a highly active and ambitious community website. With over 25000 posts each day from different parts of the world, it has the perfect combination of information and motivation to bring the parents together.

Teachers Connect – Teachers Connect is a community exclusively reserved for teachers. A great example of a well-rounded Joomla project.

Barista Exchange – This website makes life more easier and interesting for today’s Baristas. It has built up reputation for excellence in discussion and the interests and dedication of its community members.

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