If you are planning for any grand event, consider these new catering trends by the catering services. They will not just make your event unique but it will add the fun element too. Read more to know how.

With the entrance in the New Year, comes the advent of the innovative trends in the catering industry too.  Ditching the old ideas, the catering service company comes up with modern ideas, which makes it a stand out event of 2019. Therefore, below are some of the new ideas to consider in food, beverages and everything related to the catering industry.

  1. Childhood love with an adult twist:

Touching on the childhood love with a great adult twist is the new thing for the trends rocking this year. For example, candy and popsicles in alcohol beverages add to the fun element to the whole event reminiscing childhood like never before.

  1. Ditching the traditional, going for the dietary cake:

With the increase in dietary limitations and people turning health conscious, caters are ditching the traditional cake variety and giving the option of layers of different healthy toppings and flavors for the cake which has become the new thing.

  1. The story behind the menus:

For those who believe that every food has its own unique origin, this kind of food presentation becomes an important element for them to add to their event. Sentimental menus, a one-line origin story below each menu, special ingredients to relive the old favorites, dishes specific to the couple or the family and many others are the unique way of presenting the menu like never before.

  1. Out-of-the-box Cocktail presentations:

With the new twist every year, the catering service company has ditched the traditional individual pours of the drink. Going forward, the glass towers are the new one on the way. With fruit garnishes, squeezed juices and presentable touches, it’s a great way to show you are ahead of the time.

  1. Picture-perfect presentation for the social media world:

The world where social media platform rules everyone’s life, the golden rule is ‘it is for the camera before humans’. The social media enthusiast click pictures to capture every detail from décor to the food or services, hence, presentation play a major role in the picture-perfect event. Therefore, caterers make sure that the service is not just about tasty food but a whole new experience.

  1. Meet allergy restrictions and preferences:

With the increase in diseases and allergies, even the catering companies have changed drastically when it comes to offering food options. With the year 2019, comes the unique catering offerings where every guest is able to enjoy the food, whatever are the preferences of food. Be it a gluten-free meal, vegan meal or a dairy-free meal, the services are accordingly altered as per the RSVP list.

  1. Environmental friendly:

With the rising awareness of food conversation, there has been a gradual shift in the consumer requirement as well as caterers offering the services in events. It has not just impacted the eating habits but also how to reduce the excess food cooked during events and not waste it. The catering company analyses the requirement of food to satisfy the total guest list to avoid throwing food. And if the excess food is left over, catering companies are joining hands with NGOs in order to feed the needy. Choosing such a catering company for the purpose is going to be beneficial.